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Preparatory Chemicals
Bullet Wetting/De-Aerating Chemicals Bullet Sequesterants
Bullet Oxidative Desizing Bullet Protonating Agent
Bullet Natural Products Bullet Peroxide Neutralizer
Bullet Stain Removers/Scouring Chemicals Bullet Mercerising/Wetting Chemicals
Bullet Scouring/Boiling-Off Chemicals Bullet Lubricating Agents
Bullet Desize scour bleach Bullet Defoamers
Bullet Bleach Activator Bullet Core Alkali Neutralisers
Bullet Peroxide Stabilisers Bullet Colour Stripping


Dyeing & Printing Auxiliaries
Bullet Wetting/Deaerating Agent For
Bullet Soda Ash Replacement/ Sodium
Silicate Replacement
Bullet Levelling Agents Bullet Ecofriendly Carrier
Bullet Dispersing/ Levelling/Buffering/pH
Bullet Wool Protecting Agent
Bullet Levelling Dispersing And Migrating
Agent With
Bullet Acid Donor for wool & polyamide
Bullet Diffusion Accelerating Effect Bullet Oligomer Remover
Bullet Antimigrating Agents Bullet Cationizing Agents
Bullet Dye Retarder Bullet Washing Off / Soaping Agent
Bullet Sequestrants Bullet Chlorine Fastness Improver
Bullet Protonating Agent Bullet Reduction Clearing Agent
    Bullet Dye Fixing Agents
    Bullet Ripple Print


Specialities & Functional Finishes
Bullet Light Fastness Improvers Bullet Water & Stain Repelling Agent
Bullet Sun Protection Factor Improver Bullet Antimicrobial Finishes
Bullet Ocean Wash/Ball Blast Bullet Flame Retardants
Bullet Antiozonates Bullet Mosquito Repellant
Bullet Gray Cast On Denim Bullet Tobacco Cut Agent
Bullet Sanforizing Agent Bullet Foam Flock/Crush Foam
Bullet Back Stain Preventors Bullet Resin Finishes
Bullet Thread / Yarn Lubricants Bullet Strength Improving Agent
Bullet Antipil & Antislip Bullet Water Soluble Polyurethane
Bullet Optical Brightening Agent Quencher Bullet Antifelting Agent
Bullet Anti Phenolic Yellowing Bullet Chlorine Fastness Improver
Bullet PP Neutralizer Bullet Corrosion Inhibitor
Bullet Deweighting agent for Polyester Bullet Moisture Management /Wicking
Bullet Colour deepening Agent Bullet Stiffeners & Hand Modifiers


Finishing Agents / Softeners
Bullet Cationic/Anionic/Nonionic & Amphoteric Organic Softeners
Bullet High Performance Organic Softener
Bullet Amino Silicone emulsions & concentrates
Bullet Hydrophilic Amino Silicone Softeners
Bullet Nano Silicones
Bullet Shear Stable Silicone Softners